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Dear Internet Marketing Badass,

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website link: Click Here For The Tactical Attraction Sales Page

Tactical Attraction is the updated version of the legendary M.A.C.K. Tactics dating program for men. As an affiliate, you make a 75% commission on every front-end sale ($67). Plus, you get a big piece of the upsells AND the optional continuity program that is attached to the product ($39.97 per month).

This product features a brand-new Video Sales Letter that is converting like gangbusters!


website link: Bad Boy Blueprint Sales Page

One of our top-converting products, geared towards regular guys who want to get the “Bad Boy Edge” and effortlessly attract women (instead of having to chase after them!) Guys love the “Bad Boy” angle of this product. It’s always been a hot seller.


website link: Secrets Of Dating Younger Women Sales Page

This product is HUGE (and pays BIG commissions). We recorded interviews with more than a dozen of the world’s best-known dating coaches and seduction experts and got them to reveal how any guy can easily approach, connect with, and date younger women.


website link: Strip Club Seduction Sales Page

With this product, we tapped into a STARVING MARKET of guys who can’t find this information anywhere else! You know how much guys love strip clubs. In this program, they’ll learn how to actually SEDUCE their favorite strippers and hook up with them (outside of the strip club) for free. This product has a kick-ass Video Sales Letter that has been tested and proven to convert like CRAZY.


website link: Secrets Of Dating Asian Women Sales Page

Here’s another program that appeals to a TON of guys (probably more than you realize!) “Secrets Of Dating Asian Women” pulls back the curtain and reveals the tactics that I personally use in Asia to pick up and seduce incredibly hot, sexy and exotic Asian women.


website link: The One Night Stands Playbook Sales Page

This product features a Video Sales Letter that guys can’t resist. Think about how many guys are at bars, nightclubs and parties every weekend, trying to get lucky. “The One Night Stand Playbook” removes luck from the equation and lays out a proven, step-by-step plan for avoiding rejection and getting FAST results.

THE APPROACH FORMULA (How To Approach Women)

website link: Approach Formula Sales Page

The conversion numbers for this product have wildly exceeded our expectations. “The Approach Formula” is a step-by-step guide for approaching women, starting fun conversations, and guiding the conversation towards a great outcome. As with our other products, it’s attached to an optional $39.97 per month membership program. Promote this product and you’ll see money roll into your account every month from rebills.


website link: The Alpha Rules Sales Page

Here’s another hot little niche that earns easy money for our affiliates: training guys how to become super-confident “Alpha Males” who women desire. This product was co-created by our friend Carlos Xuma, one of the top internet marketers in this niche, so you know it’s a high-quality product that will convert like gangbusters.

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If you need any help or advice on how to increase your sales, feel free to email me anytime. Here’s my personal email address:

deancortez (at) macktactics.com

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